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Can You Help me?

If you need to defend a court claim or make one then we can help you!.  You could be a private motorist with parking ticket, someone who owes money to their bank, or a small business.  You could be a landlord who needs to evict someone or is owed money for rent then we can do everything you need.

The Small Claims Court is designed for the majority of claims under £10,000.  (Although some complicated claims go on to other tracks) and was put in place to be a low cost and a simplified means of settling disputes over money and other related matters.

As a result of this, the costs of solicitors & Barristers cannot in most circumstances be recovered by the winning party, nor is legal aid available.  This is why the service offered by Parking Fines Ltd can help you. We do more then parking tickets!

We can draft all the paper work for you, help you with the jargon and technical aspects and appear at the hearing with you.

The first thing we need to do is look at your case and advise if we think you have a chance of winning your claim.  Sometimes we may say you dont have a case and not to waste your money.  This might not be what you want to be told, but why waste money?

To get started scan a copy of your documents over to Feel free to call our experienced team on  0203 411 3340 and we can give you a quick run down of your options

Can you prevent me getting a CCJ on my credit file?

The simple answer is yes!, if you have a court claim, or not yet received one.  If you engage our services within 18 days of getting County Court papers and have not yet done anything with them, through a loophole in the court system we can gaurantee that even if you dont win your case wont get CCJ on your credit file.   This means your credit score isn’t and cant be affected.  A lot of people are worried about going to court because of the effect of a CCJ, but with our service this can be completely avoided

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Why Choose Us?

We understand the need to listen and be understanding at this stressful time.

  • We dont use template defences,each defence is based on each individual customers circumstances.
  • Our team is experienced in dealing with court claims.  We have a vast experience in dealing with court claims from Private Parking Companies.  We also deal with any other type of claim, for example:
  • Evictions- Breach of Contract – Disputed Bills 
  • Credit Cards – Loans – Hire Purchase
  • Repossessions – Evictions – Tenant deposit reclaims
  • Any other claims from creditors

What about a Solicitor or Advocate?

They are exceptionally expensive! In the smalls claims court as opposed to other “tracks” in the County Court you can not claim back the cost of legal representation. 

  • Solicitors can cost over £150 per hour. 
  • Our fees are £60 for  the hearing attendance plus travel costs.

How do you achieve such prices?

  • We dont operate in the same way as a legal firm, all correspondence is done via email .  All our team have home offices.
  • We create all the legal documents on your behalf.  They are sent to you to check and approve, then sign and post to the court.  (we cannot do this for you)

What if it goes to hearing at my local court?

If the case does proceed to a hearing and you require our services at court then we can attend a  Lay Representative (Some people call this a McKenzie Friend but they slightly different).  We can attend court as your Lay Representative, which is allowed under the Lay Representatives (Rights of Audience) Order 1999. This does mean that you as the client have to be present.

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Our Fees

  • Dealing With The Defence of any Parking Ticket (s) £40.    
  • This includes the initial defence statement, helping to draft a witness  statement and a skeleton argument (if required) We charge a flat fee for dealing with any Parking Ticket Court Claim.  £40 covers everything including the filling in of any paper work!
  • Responding To a Letter Before Claim or producing one £18
  • This is sent by a legal firm or a company themselves if they intend to take legal action.  We can react to one in the strongest possible terms or we can use it to start a claim for you.
  • Particulars of Claim £20
  • This used to be known as a statement of claim.  It can either be sent with a claim form or served on the defendant separately.  It contains the outline of the claimants case. Many claims are struck without a proper Particulars of Claim.
  • Defence Statement £20
  • This Document sets outs the defendants case and is not a recount of events.  It should set out the legal basis for repudiating the claimants case.
  • Witness Statement £25
  • The Witness statement sets out to the court the chronology of events around the case.  A witness statement is also needed for any witnesses that either party decides to call.
  • Skeleton Argument £25
  • The Skeleton Argument sets out the argument (and legal basis) either party will use when they present their case at the hearing. It is literally the bare bones the party will use.
  • Representation at the hearing £60*
  • We can present your case for you, however you must be present.  *Travel costs are on top of this and would be arranged prior to any hearing

Parking Fines is registered with the ICO No. ZA486695 (Information Commissioner’s Office)

Parking Tickets

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