POPLA Appeals 2018


Results of POPLA appeals opened for assessment per operator from 2018

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Parking CompanyAllowedRefusedNo ContestTotal
Absolute Parking Management171118
Adaptis Solutions0011
AEJ Management1113
All Parking Services320133
AM Parking Services728338
ANPR PC1252845
APCOA Parking1344927561382
Athena ANPR Ltd1001
Atlas Enforcement3126
Bridge Security230023
Britannia Parking Group2399306001769
Business Watch Guarding1001
Capital Car Park Control2822252
Carflow Ltd15511177
Carrpool Ltd2013
City Permits1001
Civil Enforcement654316110684883
Close Unit Protection314750128
Cobalt Telephone1012
Corporate Services3212732191
CP Plus202455164821
Dean Clough Ltd2002
Defence Systems Ltd7444061575
Dorset County Hospital3003
Elite Management17183229483
Elite Parking Management811019
Enterprise Parking Solutions58720
Ethical Parking Management6118
Euro Car Parks377208210193478
Euro Parking Collections180523
Everything Parking2002
First Parking53257310620
Future Parking88016
Gaian Parking16714
Gemini Parking Solutions17730465546
Green Parking Ltd2204
Highview Parking1868353301351
Highview Parking ZZPS1001
Horizon Parking Ltd77318231626
Indigo [ZZPS 919]1078
Indigo Park Services572770154
Indigo Solutions002222
JD Parking Consultants8242052
Key Parking Solutions Limited723636
LCP Parking Services 3585631179
Leeds Teaching Hospitals1001
Liberty Services 35819915464417
Llawnroc Parking Services0022
Local Car Park Management47213
Local Parking Security4147421509
Lodge Parking Ltd1015429
MET Parking Services19913987702367
Minster Baywatch7521466355
NCP ANPR Rail0112
NCP Ltd22612458462317
Northern Parking Service4013217189
Northwest Parking862236
NSL Ltd2511137
Observices Parking89630125
OCS Group2237564
One Parking Ltd266353213832
P4 Parking70166269505
Parking & Enforcement345551140
Parking Charge Limited497679204
Parking Control Solutions56213
Parking Debt Collectors1012
Parking Enforcement &11132347
Parking Eye Ltd283912927508720853
Parking Solutions 24467622144
Parking Ticketing10829248448
Premier Park20121555032859
Premier Parking Solutions1012
Prime Parking0022
Private Parking Management901120
Private Parking Solution7216830270
RCP Parking Ltd3221760
Salisbury NSH Foundation0202
Serco Limited434246131
Shield Security Services80513
Smart Parking1557454730079111
Spring Parking3491314376
SR Security Services1112427
StarTraq Limited t/a2024
Total Car Parks17104471
Total Car Park Solutons 177271156604
UK Parking Control Ltd
University of Kent44311
University of the West of4004
Vehicle Control Solutions009797
Wing Parking249329146
Workflow Dynamics2333864
WY Parking Enforcement7151234
Grand total10888377841845067122

Parking Tickets

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