Life Time Ticket Protection

  • Protect yourself against Private Parking Companies, Debt Collectors & Bailiffs
  • You are vulnerable, because they know your address
  • Are you in an area infected by Private Parking Companies
  • Keep them away by registering with Parking Fines Ltd for £50 for the life time of car ownership

    For a one off fee of £50 (for as long as you own the car) we will give you protection for the time that you own the car (this does not apply to lease cars). We will deal with any paper work.   Why worry about getting a parking ticket again when you can use our Bailiff & Driver Protection Service

    This means you dont need to worry about the likes of Parking Eye & UKPC contacting you again!  All Tickets will come to our service address, so the parking companies can no longer harass you

  • This is a tried and tested service.! Perfect for those who live in London and other major cities!  The use of a service address for your V5 Document complies with all DVLA rules,  and complies with insurance requirements to.  We now have over 800 customers using this service

  • Is this service legal? – The short answer is yes! fully !  In 2011 the DVLA were asked if anything can be done about companies who advertise on the Internet and allow people to use a service address to register a vehicle. The DVLA confirmed nothing could be done in this situation.

With that official response from the DVLA in a document to those for whom the loss of total control over parking and its enforcement is a problematical issue, comes confirmation that Parking Fines famous registration scheme is not only 100% legal, . The BPA’s membership includes Local Authorities, Parking Companies and bailiff firms.

‘It’s Too Good To Be True’

That was the first criticism when this scheme was first launched.  Unlike its critics who had no evidence in support of their scepticism, Parking Fines Ltd is not surprised to confirm that after all the years its members have been running this service,the has been no issues.  This includes the DVLA, the police or indeed any other body. In short the Protection Scheme works!

Why The Need For Protection?

When you supply your private details to government agencies or local authorities there is an implied assumption backed by law and the Information Commissioner’s Office (the custodians of the Data Protection Act 1998) that you can expect those charged with looking after such a confidentiality to do so and without question. Looking for loopholes or making ill founded assumptions about their ‘right’ to share it with others is simply not on the agenda.

Unfortunately there are people within the DVLA, the Traffic Enforcement Centre, local authorities and bailiffs, who because they have been supplied information as to where you live, effectively sanction the use of that piece of information to put intimidating pressure on you into paying not just for parking tickets, but also include up to four figures sums in bailiffs’ fees – that is if they don’t take your vehicle anyway. This in the name of traffic management.

If you are unlucky you could experience the 6am banging on your door and your family could be bullied, subjected to abuse and even occasional violence before suffering unlawful entry into your property .  In all the cases that Parking Fines Ltd has been involved in we have ensured this has never happened.

This service will also ensure your credit will never and can never be affected so its a win-win situation.

Sorry to say, because those whom you put your faith into to look after your interests will gladly sell you down the road to whosoever pays them and will perform this function without any thought or shame.

The DVLA’s Role

People supply their personal information to the DVLA in good faith and with the reasonable expectation that it’s confidentially will be guaranteed. Is that faith justified.

* The DVLA will sell your personal information to local authorities and to Private Parking Companies

* The DVLA will sell your personal information to anybody ‘who has good reason to ask for it‘ – or whoever sends them £2.50. It will also supply personal information without question to any person or company which is a member of the British Parking Association/Independent Parking Community

* The DVLA has very little checks and balances on how that information is used by those to whom this is supplied or to whom it may further be passed on to.

* Personal details are supplied by the DVLA without the data subject’s knowledge

Should You Trust The DVLA With Your Private Address?

The DVLA admits that it is not exempt from the Data Protection Act 1998 and must comply with it. It agrees that s28 and s29 of the Act provides exemptions but parking and traffic management could never be considered to threaten national security or be confused with crime and taxation. The DVLA admits that it is wholly reliant on a little known law called the Road Vehicle (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2002 to avoid all its obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Do feel still that giving your home address to the DVLA is a safe option when there is a alternative!

In Addition The Protection Scheme Protects Against

  • Private Parking Tickets – Camera Detection – Smart Car Detection

  • Supermarket Parking Tickets – Railway Station Tickets

  • Shopping Centre Tickets – Airport Tickets

  • Private Estate Tickets –  Private Apartment Tickets

  • In Fact Any Private Parking Ticket! – CCJS on your credit file!

Register Now

As both the DVLA, local authorities and Private Parking Companies  play footloose and fancy free with your personal details and can offer you no security on the use unknown third parties adopt over the further distribution or misuse of your personal information to individuals , then you every right to protect yourself. There cannot be one good reason why you should reveal your address to those who you should be able to trust to keep it confidential, but who simply abuse it when paid by persons unknown.

Why make it easy for those who reveal where you live when you can be protected against such abuse? For all the bailiff advice and protection you need, register now. In six years the DVLA has not attempted to challenge Parking Fines Ltd Parking Ticket Protection Scheme though it is clearly aware of its existence.

We do not condone the use of this for evading Speeding Fines,  MOT offences, Car Tax Offences, or any other offences involving the registered vehicle and offer no protection in this respect.

So get it in contact to today:

Parking Fines Ltd is registered with the ICO No. ZA486695 (Information Commissioner’s Office)