Parking Eye Parking Tickets

Who are Parking Eye?

Parking Eye Limited are the largest and most notorious of all the private parking companies…

They also use the trading name of Car Parking Partnership

Parking Eye (Car Parking Partnership) is the UK’s largest private parking company with a turnover of over £20 million per year from parking charges or otherwise known as parking fines. Parking Eye was sold by Capita, to a finance vehicle owned by Macquarie and funds advised by MML Capital Partners for fee of of £235m.  

Parking Eye mainly use ANPR cameras which monitor cars going in and out of car parks then these issue tickets for those who overstay or not permitted to park.

In the last 10 years they have become very successful and now has a lot of contracts with big companies such as Morrisons, ALDI, ASDA, The range, various hospital trusts and on many other sites.

Can Parking Eye (Car Parking Partnership) Fine You?

It is a common misconception that parking charges or parking tickets issued on private land are fines. This is a view held by both the general public and the press alike. This is indeed partially due to the manner in which private parking charge notices are packaged and letters sent with the subliminal message that they carry an air of authority akin to Penalty Charge Notices.

Although these are not Parking Fines, Parking Eye (Car Parking Partnership) will take you to court for any unpaid Parking Tickets(PCN). They currently issue hundreds of county court claims to motorists who have ignored parking eye tickets.

How do Parking Eye operate?

Parking Eye predominately operate by using ANPR cameras to record vehicles entering and leaving any one particular site – data is then supposed to be cross referenced for any alleged breaches of terms of parking on site.

Parking Eye then apply to the DVLA for the Registered Keeper details and send a postal Parking Ticket– also known as a PCN for allegedly breaching the terms of parking.

Parking Eye also have a small number of sites they manage with traditional parking attendant on site. A manual parking ticket (parking charge notice – PCN) is then affixed to the car – again for any purported breaches of terms. This can be for silly reasons like a wheel slightly outside a de-marked parking bay at a retail park.

Where do Parking Eye operate?

  • Retail Parks
  • Shopping Centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Hospitals
  • Motorway Services
Appealing a Parking Eye Ticket?

There is a two-stage appeals process to follow – an initial appeal to Parking Eye, who will either cancel at this stage – a great many of our customers are delighted when the first stage appeal is upheld and the parking ticket(PCN) is cancelled.

Parking Eye are members of the British Parking Association – these members all offer POPLA – Parking on Private Land Appeals as the second stage of the appeals process.

When can Parking Fines Ltd Assist you?

At Any Time – we can help you with Parking Eye Tickets

Our Appeals handlers have extensive knowledge in this field and all appeals are made on legal aspects. We have helped many Parking Eye Victims get their tickets cancelled.

It doesn’t matter where you have received the parking charge (parking ticket) or the reason – whether at a hospital, retail park or motorway service station or hotel – we can help.

Have you just received a Parking Eye Ticket?

Then fill out your details now on our Appeal page and let us deal with both stages of appealing your PCN for you. Our service saves the motorist stress time and worry by removing any uncertainty that the appeal will not be successful. We can do this all for a low fee of £18.  Our Appeals form is also located at the bottom of this page

Have you already appealed to Parking Eye and need help with POPLA?

Again we can help – simply fill out your details and supply the POPLA code and let us do the rest for you. Our low cost of £18 is the same for whether we appeal both stages or just for POPLA.

Don’t delay and miss the appeal time frame as the POPLA code is time restrictive and only valid once fill out your details on our appeal page

And let the experts handle this for you!

Have you ignored a Parking Eye Ticket?

If you have been following old advice and ignored the parking charge notice ticket and subsequent letters – then don’t worry, then Parking Fines Ltd can still assist you. You must act quickly however, as they will and do sue motorists who have ignored their parking tickets and issue hundreds of thousands of either letter before county court claims or actual court claim forms themselves.

Are you being chased by a Debt Collector for unpaid Parking Eye Ticket?

Parking Eye frequently use a debt collectors such as Debt Recovery Plus (DRP) / Zenith/Equita to pursue and harass motorists into paying. Again Parking Fines Ltd service has extensive knowledge regarding this and dealing with debt collectors. We can help you – once again fill out your details on our appeal form and one of our dedicated team will be in touch.

Have you received a Letter before County Court Claim?

We are in the position to still be able to assist you at this very late stage. Our u service includes dealing with letter before county court claims – written by our experienced appeals handlers. We have had many parking charges cancelled at this stage.

However, do not delay if you have one of these letters as you only have 14 days to respond – Contact us now!

Received a County Court Claim Form?

Then no need to panic!

Once again the Parking Fines Team can assist you in this matter.  we offer a  County Court Claim defence writing service for any victim of Parking Eye.

Our fees for constructing these defences are simple, clear and fixed:

We will deal with your initial court claim , witness statement and Skeleton Argument for £40


Contact our company by email or  Contact us and we will get back to you!


Did you know?

In 2018 Parking Eye issued over 500,000 parking tickets through ANPR cameras ,a large number of these were paid.

They have come in for a lot stick from motoring organisations such as the RAC,  and many daily newspapers such as the Daily Mail

Aldi receives daily complaints about Parking Eye because it has cameras on over 80% of its sites.

Don’t worry if you receive a charge from Parking Eye because Parking Fines Ltd can deal with it for you! Our team has had many years’ experience of dealing with this firm. We know how to beat their tickets either at first stage appeal POPLA or in the county court

We understand that a ticket from Parking Eye be quite distressing at first sight however we are here to help, so if you have a ticket from Parking Eye click on Appeal Your Ticket and let Parking Fines LTD deal with it for you today!

Please select the correct parking company or debt collector from the list below. For council tickets please select Council and put the relevant council in the description box. If you are not sure please select Other and we can obtain more information in due course.

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