P4 Parking Ltd

Who are P4 Parking Ltd?

This is a fairly small Private Parking Company by industry standards

Their Office address is PO BOX 71107, London, SE18 9LB

Their registered address is: SUITE 406 KEMP HOUSE, 152-160 CITY ROAD, LONDON, EC1V 2NX

Can Parking Fines Ltd help me with a ticket from P4 Parking Ltd Ticket?

Yes!, we have had never had P4 Parking Ltd take one of our customers to court so we can handle this with ease for you.  We only charge £18, just fill in the form at the bottom of the page and select the correct parking company

Can I use POPLA?

Yes!, P4 Parking Ltd are members of the BPA. See our POPLA link for more info.

Parking Fines Ltd have had a lot of experience of dealing with these tickets so we know how to deal with them.

Where do P4 Parking Ltd operate?

This Parking company operate nationwide but they are not a big operator.  You are likely to see them at small sites.

  • Office developments
  • Housing developments
  • Service areas
  • Leisure centres.

How Do P4 Parking Ltd Operate?

They have are a mixture of ANPR and Warden controlled areas..  The ANPR Cameras calculate the leaving and arrival at the car park and then a a ticket is issued for an infringement

Do they do court?

They do issue the occasional court claim




Please select the correct parking company or debt collector from the list below. For council tickets please select Council and put the relevant council in the description box. If you are not sure please select Other and we can obtain more information in due course.

Parking Fines is registered with the ICO No. ZA486695 (Information Commissioner’s Office)