Parking Bill Code of Practice

New measures to help prevent the worst excesses of rogue parking companies have become law. The Parking (Code of Practice) bill – introduced to parliament by Sir Greg Knight MP – aims to introduce a single set of rules and regulations which have ministerial sign off and must be adhered to by all firms operating parking on private land. There will also be single independent appeals service which motorists can take their cases to. Up until now the private parking industry has been self regulated by two accredited trade associations: the BPA and the IPC. However, in recent years – since the
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Private Parking Companies

Which Parking Companies Do Parking Fines Ltd deal with? Here at Private Parking Fines Ltd we are often asked which parking companies do you with?.  We deal with any parking company in the UK (including Northern Ireland). Most parking companies will be long to the BPA or the IPC.  You can fill in the appeal form here     The table shows ALL the parking companies we deal with. Solicitors and debt collectors will show on another blog post.  
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