New World Facilities

Who are New world facilities?

They are a private car parking management company based in Essex

Their Office address is New World Facilities East Essex Ltd PO Box 12210, Colchester, CO1 9PQ

Their registered address is as the above

Can Parking Fines Ltd help me with a ticket from this company?

Yes! we have never had New world facilities take one of our customers to court so we can handle this with ease for you.  We only Charge £18 just fill in the form at the bottom of the page.  Select New world facilities as the operator in the drop-down list

Can I use POPLA?

No,  They are members of the IPC (International Parking Community) in order to get details from the

Parking Fines Ltd have had a lot of experience of dealing with these tickets so we know how to deal with them.

Where do New world facilities operate?

This Parking company operate all over the UK and their sites can include

  • Office developments – Housing developments
  • Service areas – Paid for Parking
  • Permit Parking Areas – Hotels
  • Restaurants – Pubs
How Do New world facilities Operate?

They use a warden run service only.

If the Parking Charge Notice is neither paid or appealed, it is very common for the parking to company to pass the details over to the likes of Debt Recovery Plus or Trace Debt Recovery. This will also happen if the appeal is denied at POPLA

Do they do court?

Yes, this company issue court claims, but not very often.

Parking Appeal Form

Please select the correct parking company or debt collector from the list below. For council tickets please select Council and put the relevant council in the description box. If you are not sure please select Other and we can obtain more information in due course.