Below are the most common questions we are asked during the course of our business dealings:

A. Parking Fines offer the following services:

Appeals to all private parking companies no matter which stage you are at. From the initial ticket to the second stage appeal.  We can deal with any parking ticket, no matter the situation, or the reason you got it!.  It doesn’t matter if you were in the right or the wrong.  As long as you parking ticket is from a parking company then we sort it! If you are not sure if we can deal with your ticket or situation just ask, via Live Chat, Email, Whatsapp or Phone Us,  Our fee for this is £18

Dealing with debt collectors

We can deal with the likes of Debt Recovery Plus – Zenith  ZZPS – UCS – DCBL – Gladstones – QDR Solicitors – BW Legal- CST Law.  It also also includes dealing with non-parking ticket debts. For example, we can deal with credit card and any non-secured debt. We can stop those letters and worrying phone calls for one small fee.  Our fee for this is £18

Court Claims

Parking Fines Ltd can write your defence, witness statement and help you through the entire county court process.   Our fee for dealing with court claims is £40

A. Simple.  If you come to us with the following any of the following cases we guarantee that if  you use our services you will never get a CCJ on your credit file.  Many people are worried about a CCJ on their credit file as a result of a parking ticket and simply pay up! but by using we can guarantee that will never happen.

    1. Any parking notice within the first appeal stage (windscreen or through the post)
    2. Appeals at the second stage after the operator has rejected them (POPLA or IPC)
    3. Cases which have already been rejected by POPLA or IPC
    4. Reminder letters or threats of legal action, or referral to debt collection agencies
    5. Cases which have been transferred to any debt collection agency.  This includes firms like Debt Recovery Plus -Zenith – DCBL – QDR – ZZPS – Debt Logic
    6. Parking notices which been transferred to Gladstones , BW LEGAL. DCB LEGAL , CST LAW .CSB Solicitors
    7. Letters before claim
    8. Court claims which have been issued by the County Court Business Centre within the last 18 days, where you have taken no action.

A. This is a unique service which costs £50 for the life time you own the car.  Our unique service protects you for any future parking tickets on private land.  It stops Parking companies from being able to harass the registered keeper.  Contact us for more info on this service.

A. We are an experienced team of appeal handlers within the parking industry and have had many years of experience in this field challenging tickets that are issued by both private companies and council bodies. If you appeal the ticket yourself then you there is only a 10% chance you will be successful.  You may think they will listen to your appeal but they wont and you will end up with an appeal rejection letter.  You may think you can win at POPLA yourself.  Again if you do this yourself you only have a small chance of success.  By paying us £18 your appeal is guaranteed!

  • Retail Parks
  • Airports
  • Supermarket car Parks
  • Motorway service areas
  • Pay & Display car Parks
  • Free Car Parks
  • City Centre Car parks
  • Railway station Car Parks
  • Private Roads on house estates
  • Permit only car Parks
  • Your own car Parking space
  • Leisure centre Parking
  • Council Car Parks
  • Hospital Car Parks
  • Any on street Parking

In fact anywhere cars are parked!

BPA = British Parking Association

IAS = Independent Appeals Service

POPLA = Parking on Private Land Appeals

IPC = International Parking Community

BPA = British Parking Association

POFA = Protection of Freedoms Act which under certain circumstances makes the Keeper liable for Private Parking tickets.

ITAL = Appeals service for dealing with penalty tickets under bye-laws (railway car parks) and penalty fares on trains.

Yes, they can and some issue a lot of claims. Our news page will shortly contain details of Court claims issued in 2018.

A Yes, we use PayPal who will process your credit or debit card payment for us using their own secure payment servers. We don’t see these card details. Alternatively, we can accept a bank transfer via Faster Payment. We accept all credit cards including Amex.

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For Appeals to a private parking company ,(both stages) & the council we charge £18. For Dealing with Debt Collectors in relation to Parking Tickets we also charge £18.  For Debt Collectors in relation to non parking ticket debts (credit cards etc) we charge £30 Per debt (no matter the size!). Court Defences are £40. Representation at court is subject to location. Our Address Protection Service costs £50 for the time you own the car.

Any further Questions?

Please email us info@parkingfines.org.uk. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also call us on 0203 4113340 OR 0748 7722792.  Our office address is Parking Fines Ltd 34 New House 67-68 Hatton Garden London EC1N 8JY. Our Registered company number is 11791209.