Excel & VCS Parking

Who are Excel & VCS?

Excel Parking & Vehicle Control Services are both Private Parking Companies.  Vehicle Control Services or “VCS” are part of Excel Parking . They operate on private land, such as retail parks, shopping centres airports, residential developments and  office car parks.

Can You help me with my Parking Ticket?

The Simple answer is yes!, none of our clients who have used our services when they have received their ticket have ever had a court claim from Excel Parking or VCS.  We only Charge £18 to beat your parking ticket!  We are experts in beating these tickets.  Why waste paying £60 or £100 or risk an appeal which WILL get rejected.  When if you use our services it is just £18 and its guaranteed as well!  Just fill in the form below.

Parking Charge Notices

In order to make money they issue PCN’s (Parking Charge Notices).  They are different to Penalty charge notices which are issued by local councils and other Public Bodies.  Tickets issued by Companies like Excel Parking are based on contract law, but they are designed to look like a council ticket to unsuspecting motorists.  These tickets are issued when they breach the terms and conditions set by the parking company.  This could include parking over a white line, staying long er then permitted or not paying the correct fee.

Excel Parking Trade under different trading names as the different companies tend to trade in slightly different Areas.  Vehicle Control Services have quite a few airport contracts. Liverpool John Lennon and Doncaster Airports.

How do Excel & VCS operate?

Excel and VCS user Parking operators on the ground manually ticketing cars and also ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)  ANPR the companies to issue tickets when motorists have stayed longer then is allowed under the car park terms and conditions, or they have not paid the required parking fee.   At Liverpool and Doncaster Airports VCS user mobile ANPR camera vans to catch motorists which have stopped on airport roads.  However there is a debate as to whether these sites are subject to Byelaws.

  • When a car enters or exits a car its number plate is registered by an ANPR camera. These take a photo of the number plate
  • If the car has stayed longer then the permitted time or over the time that has been paid for a ticket will then be issued. Tickets can also be issued if a registration number has not been entered at the premises (Pubs, hotels etc)
  • Tickets can also be issued if they are not on the parking companies white list as authorised to par
  • Once this data has been uploaded the Parking Company would then get the registered keepers’ details from the DVLA for £2.50.  https://www.gov.uk
  • To ensure keeper liability can be enforced a ticket is issued through the post within 14 days. The Parking Company will send a letter to the registered keeper at the time of the parking contravention.
  • This Notice to Keeper will ask for payment of the Parking ticket which is a lot of cases is up to £100. This will be discounted for early payment. If the Registered keeper gives details of the driver, the parking company will then send a ticket to the driver
  • Under The Protection of Freedoms Act (POFA 2012 Schedule 4) The Parking company has the right to pursue the keeper of the vehicle if no driver details are given. This can only happen if the ticket has been sent to the registered keeper within 14 days.
  • If the Parking Charge Notice is neither paid or appealed, it is very common for the parking to company to pass the details over to the likes of Debt Recovery Plus or Trace Debt Recovery. This will also happen if the appeal is denied at POPLA

International Parking Community Members

Excel and Vehicle Control Services are both full members of the International Parking Community (Approved Operator Scheme).  They left the British Parking Association in 2014, this was due to less control by the IPC and lower membership fees.  They  are members of the IPC’s Approved Operator Scheme.

They used to be members of the British Parking Association’s AOS, but as of the end of 2014 both companies moved to the IPC. . Membership of an Approved Operator Scheme means they are able  them to get keeper data from the DVLA.   This is needed in order to issue Tickets through the post and chase unpaid tickets

Where Excel & VCS operate ?

Excel Parking are known to operate in the following places:


  • Fee Paying car parks -ie. Swallow Street Birmingham
  • Retail parks,
  • Supermarkets
  • Private developments
VCS are known to operate at
  • Airports
  • Office and business parks
  • Private developments
  • Hospital sites

Excel Parking & VCS are one of a handful of operators who dont rely on Keeper liability.

What do I do if I get a ticket

If you get an Excel or VCS Parking Charge Notice then Parking Fines Ltd can deal with your ticket in a hassle free and efficient manner.

Excel and VCS do not usually rely on Schedule 4 of POFA for keeper liability. As such, when dealing with them, you should not give them any assistance in identifying the driver at the time.  Both Excel & VCS issue quite a large number of court claims.


Please select the correct parking company or debt collector from the list below. For council tickets please select Council and put the relevant council in the description box. If you are not sure please select Other and we can obtain more information in due course.

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