Debt Recovery Plus

Debt Recovery Plus
Debt Recovery Plus Parking Fine Problem?

So you have a letter from Debt Recovery Plus has landed on your doorstep in relation to a parking ticket that just hasn’t gone away and need it sorting out?

We’ve all been there. First you dash back to the car after you suddenly realise the time. You drive off in the hope that you got there in the nick of time and then a few days later there’s an ominous letter on your doormat. Or you get back to your car and you find the tell-tale yellow sticker on the window.

Sent from a professional sounding firm, you see the words Parking Charge Notice in black and white staring you in the face along with a clear image of your vehicle number plate accompanied by the time stamp. Irrefutable evidence that they are right and that you are wrong.

So, you feel you have no option but to cough up, right? It’s always the same format too. Pay £60/£100 now or pay hundreds if you’ve not paid by X date. Maybe you’ve ignored one of these letters before, but before you know it, you’re getting threatening letters which threaten court action and CCJs. Some people say ignore it, it will go away, but one or two friends will have been stung.

What Do I Do to deal with Debt Recovery Plus Letters?

You speak to Parking Fines Limited. We are a professional representative acting on your behalf to deal with the parking company for you.  Companies like this know that most people don’t have the financial backing or legal know-how to be able to challenge these cases in court. But the truth is, if you did, you’d almost certainly win because these companies exploit loopholes which courts of law do not appreciate.  Debt Recovery Plus sole aim is to frighten people into paying up

We’re guessing though really the main reason you’re on this page is because you haven’t the time to sort this out yourself, or you’d be doing it, right?!

  1.  We will contact the Parking firm on your behalf
  2.  If Debt Recovery Plus have been hassling by phone or text we will have your numbers removed from the system.

Dont pay £160 to Debt Recovery Plus!, use our services and all you pay is £18 for the peace of mind of carrying on with business as usual.

Is the service guaranteed?

Yes our service is guaranteed which means you never have to pay the Parking Firm/Solicitors/Debt Recovery Agency a penny. This is listed on our FAQ page . You dont have to worry about paying us and then paying the parking company on top.

How Does Parking Fines Ltd Work?

It’s easy. You have two options:

Fill in the appeals form by clicking here or scroll to the bottom of the page and give us all the relevant details.


Send a photo of your ticket via WhatsApp to 0203 411 3340

In either case, we’ll come back to you and our service is guaranteed, Simple!

Who are Debt Recovery Plus?

Debt Recovery Plus are a debt recovery firm who’s offices are based in Aston Under Lyme – Manchester.  They trade under the names DRP – Zenith and also Parking Collection Services

Parking Collection Services are an out sourcing company for small parking companies.  They do the back office processing of tickets and handle appeals for those who dont have the resources to do so.  This is a nasty aggressive company with members of staff in their call center  who will aim to belittle you and make you feel awful, in an attempt to get you pay money you cant afford.  We are the solution to likes of Trish and Mark @ DRP.

What should i do if DRP/Zenith/Debt Recovery Plus have Contacted me?

Don’t Panic ! – Get in contact with us straight away and we can ensure no further action!    Just fill the form in below, or email us  Parking Fines Ltd are experts at handling Debt Recovery Plus.  We also Guarantee that once we are involved then Debt Recovery Plus/Zenith Wont take you to court!  We only charge £18.

How do they operate?

The collect debts on behalf of many clients.  They are the largest debt collector in relation to unpaid parking charge notices in the UK.    Clients will send details of the outstanding tickets to DRP who will then contact the motorists on behalf of the parking company who have not paid their parking tickets.

Their Staff are known to be aggressive and argumentative , regularly threatening people over the phone.   Of course they never put this in writing.  Parking Fines Ltd are well used to dealing with company.

Which Parking Companies do they collect for?

Debt Recovery Plus / Zenith collect for all the companies below at some stage.

British Parking AssociationThe IPC
ABM Facility Services3D Parking
All Parking Services
4front security
Absolute Parking
Alliance Parking UK
Am Parking ServicesARD Park
Advanced ParkingAthena ANPR  
Care ParkingAs Parking
ANPR Parking ServicesBank Park Parking Management
Well Park Solutions
APCOA UKBristol Parking Services
Atlas Enforcement Car Park Enforcement Company
Car Park management Services
Bridge Property Asset Management
Care Park UK
Britannia ParkingCity Parking Control
Business Guarding
Combined Parking Solutions
Capital Car Park Control
Complete Parking Services
Car Park ServicesCPMS
Handy ParkConkai Security
Countrywide Parking Management
CarpoolCounty Parking Enforcement
City PermitsCPS Midlands
Civil EnforcementDevere Parking Services
Star ParkDirect Solutions for Parking
Creative Car ParksDirect Enforcement
Close unit protectionEmporium Management
Park solveEs Parking Enforcement
CobaltEuro Parking Services
CCS collectExcel Parking
Corporate ServicesG24
CP PlusGeo forms Parking
Dean CloughGlobe protection
Debt Recovery PlusGxs Services
Parking Collection ServicesHawkeye Enforcement
Zenith CollectionsParking control 24/7
Park watchHx  Car Park Management
Direct Collection bailiffsHyde Parking  
East Midland trainsImperial civil Enforcement Solutions
Elite Car Park ManagementJust Park Management  
EmParkArmtrac Security Services
Enterprise Parking SolutionsKernow Parking Solutions
EquitaLDK group Security
Euro Car ParksLGCP
Euro Parking collectionLink Parking
First ParkingLlawnroc Parking Services
Future ParkingLondon City Airport
Gallan Parking
London Parking Solutions
Gemini ParkingManchester airports Group PLC
Highview ParkingManor Parking
Green Parking
Mercury  security Management
Horizon ParkingMetroPark
Indigo Parking SolutionsMillennium Parking Services
Indigo Parking ServicesNapier Parking
JD Parking SolutionsNational Parking Enforcement
Key Parking SolutionsNational Parking Management
LCP Parking ServicesN e Parking
Leeds Teaching hospitalsNew Generation Parking
Car Parking partnershipNew world facilities
Local Parking SecurityNorwich Traffic Control
Lodge ParkingPace recovery and storage
Met Parking Services  Ace Security Services
Minster BaywatchPark direct UK
MJB Security SolutionsPark smart Enforcement
NCPPark with ease
NForce Parking ManagementParking and Property Management
Northern (north east)Parking awareness Services
Northwest Parking ManagementParking charge collections
ObServices Parking ConsultancyParking lots
Legion groupParkshield collection
Car Park managementPCP Enforcement agency
One Parking solutionPCN NW
P4 ParkingPhoenix Parking Solutions
Nighthawk ParkingPremier Parking Solutions
Parking and Enforcement AgencyResponsible Parking Management
Parking and Security SolutionsS&k Car Park Management
Parking chargeSecure Parking
Parking control ServicesSamsons  
Parking Enforcement and Security ServicesSheriff enforcer
Parking Solutions 24SIP Parking
Parking TicketingSolution Labs
Parking EyeRegent Parking
PCs facilitiesSpur information Solutions
Premier ParkAlbert Club
Prime ParkingEastmoor Trust 
Private Parking ManagementTopher
Private Parking Solutions LondonTotal Car Park Management
Ranger ServicesTCP Car Park Management
RCP ParkingUK Car Park Management
ParkfairUK Parking
SecuritasUK Parking  and Enforcement
SercoUK Parking Patrol office
Smart Parking UKCPS
TNC Group ServicesUKPS North West
TNC CollectionsKPS
Total Car ParksVehicle Control Services Parking
Total Car Park Solutons Versatile Parking
UK Parking Control Premier Parking Logistics
VCSWhitehaven Harbour

Secure Payment Form

Appeals for Parking Operator, POPLA, IAS & Debt Recovery
If you have received a letter from a solicitor or County Court Claim
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