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Help, I Received a CP Plus Parking Ticket!

Isn’t ironic that Parking Charges are called fines? Because it isn’t fine, usually it’s grossly unfair and the amount you’re asked to pay is always excessive compared to the number of minutes that you overstayed.

We’ve all been there. First you dash back to the car after you suddenly realise the time. You drive off in the hope that you got there in the nick of time and then a few days later there’s an ominous letter on your doormat. Or you get back to your car and you find the tell-tale yellow sticker on the window.

Sent from a professional sounding firm, you see the words Parking Charge Notice in black and white staring you in the face along with a clear image of your vehicle number plate accompanied by the time stamp. Irrefutable evidence that they are right and that you are wrong.

So, you feel you have no option but to cough up, right? It’s always the same format too. Pay £60/£100 now or pay hundreds if you’ve not paid by X date. Maybe you’ve ignored one of these letters before, but before you know it, you’re getting threatening letters which threaten court action and CCJs. Some people say ignore it, it will go away, but one or two friends will have been stung.

What Do I Do to Stop My Parking Fine?

You speak to Parking Fines Limited. We are a professional representative acting on your behalf to deal with the parking company for you. Companies like this know that most people don’t have the financial backing or legal know-how to be able to challenge these cases. At Parking Fines Limited we know how to beat these parking companies. We don’t use mitigation. We win because we are experts in this industry.

We’re guessing though really the main reason you’re on this page is because you haven’t the time to sort this out yourself, or you’d be doing it, right?!

  1. So, we appeal to the parking firm, or complain to the landowner, we represent you and they drop the claim. Why? Because they know we’re not afraid of them,  We don’t lose to Parking Companies and their bully-boy tactics and quite simply we don’t let them push us around.
  2. If you have already appealed to the parking company and that has been turned down we can do the second stage appeal for you, even if the case has been sent to a debt collector , or worse still a court claim we can deal with it!

Don’t waste £60 or £100 on paying a fine or risk an appeal which will get rejected.  If you use our services, all you pay is £18 for the peace of mind of carrying on with business as usual.

How Does Parking Fines Ltd Work?

It’s easy. You have two options:

Fill in the appeals form by clicking here or scroll to the bottom of the page and give us all the relevant details.


Send a photo of your ticket via WhatsApp to 07487722792

In either case, we’ll come back to you and our service is guaranteed, Simple!

Who are CP Plus ?

CP PLUS is a limited company its registered address is no 10 Flask Walk, London, Nw2 1HE, it has been in the parking industry since 1991. The company is also involved in facilities management.  The address they use is CP Plus Ltd PO Box 14836, London NW3 1WT . They Are now part of the Nexus Group

CP PLUS are members of the British Parking Association and any appeals they decline are then offered the use of POPLA for secondary appeals.  They issue Parking charge notices also known as PCN’s

How Can Parking Fines Ltd help me with my CP Plus Parking Ticket?

We can get your ticket cancelled that has been issued by CP Plus by using professional legally based appeals., its as simple as that.  For example we can deal with.

  • Overstaying at motorway services – Hospital Parking Ticket issues
  • Supermarket Parking fines – Retail Park Parking fines
Where do CP Plus operate?
  • Motorway service stations (MSA’s) – Those run by MOTO
  • Retail shopping parks – Residential areas where permits are required
  • Railway stations – Hospital site
  • University campuses – Hotels
How Do CP Plus issue Parking Charges?

This parking company uses a mixture of ANPR cameras and wardens for the issuing of tickets. ANPR detect cars coming in and out of car parks and calculate the time at the car park.   A parking charge notice is then issued if the car has stayed over the maximum time allowed.  These are normally for up to £100

  • If the Parking Charge Notice is neither paid or appealed it is very common for the parking to company to pass the details over to the likes of Debt Recovery Plus or Trace Debt Recovery. This will also happen if the appeal is denied at POPLA.

Membership of the BPA Approved operator means Smart Parking can get details from the DVLA ,so a ticket can be sent to the registered keeper in the Post. If you get a ticket, we can deal with it straight away.

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