Care Parking

Who are Care Parking

Care Parking are a nationwide Private Parking Company who offer a large amount or permit parking and have a contract with Manchester Tram Link

Their Office address are Care Parking Seasons House Lakeside Business Village St Davids Park Ewloe Deeside CH5 3YE

Care Parking is a trading name of Anchor Security Services Ltd a company registered in England and Wales. Company Registration No. 2548101 whose registered office is at the above.

The Parking Company are members of the British Parking Association.  Parking Companies must be members of a trade association in order to get keeper details from the DVLA.  Obtaining keeper details costs the Parking Company £2.50 each time.

Can Parking Fines Ltd help me with a Care Parking Ticket.

Yes!, we have had never this company take one of our customers to court so we can handle this with ease for you.  Just fill the form in at the bottom of the page

Can I use POPLA?

Yes they do and we know how to construct winning POPLA appeals against this company

Car Parking are one of the smaller operators but and we have the experience to beat their parking tickets.

Where do Care Parking Operate?

This Parking Company operate all over the UK involving:

  • Retail Parks
  • Office developments
  • Housing developments
  • Service areas
  • Leisure centres.
  • Camera Parking Control
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Warden Patrol Services
  • Pay & Display / Retail Parks / Shopping Centres
  • Mobile Patrol Car Park Security Service
  • Notice Processing and Permit Control
  • Car Park Maintenance

How Do Care Parking Operate?

They are a mixture of ANPR and Warden control areas..  The ANPR Cameras calculate the leaving and arrival at the car park and then a a ticket is issued for an infringement

  • When a car enters or exits a car its number plate is registered by an ANPR camera. These take a photo of the number plate
  • If the car has stayed longer then the permitted time or over the time that has been paid for a ticket will then be issued. Tickets can also be issued if a registration number has not been entered at the premises (Pubs, hotels etc)
  • Tickets can also be issued if they are not on the parking companies white list as authorised to par
  • Once this data has been uploaded the Parking Company would then get the registered keepers’ details from the DVLA for £2.50.
  • To ensure keeper liability can be enforced a ticket is issued through the post within 14 days. The Parking Company will send a letter to the registered keeper at the time of the parking contravention.
  • This Notice to Keeper will ask for payment of the Parking ticket which is a lot of cases is up to £100. This will be discounted for early payment. If the Registered keeper gives details of the driver, the parking company will then send a ticket to the driver
  • Under The Protection of Freedoms Act (POFA 2012 Schedule 4) The Parking company has the right to pursue the keeper of the vehicle if no driver details are given. This can only happen if the ticket has been sent to the registered keeper within 14 days.
  • If the Parking Charge Notice is neither paid or appealed, it is very common for the parking to company to pass the details over to the likes of Debt Recovery Plus or Trace Debt Recovery. This will also happen if the appeal is denied at POPLA

Do they do court?

Yes but very occasionally.




Please select the correct parking company or debt collector from the list below. For council tickets please select Council and put the relevant council in the description box. If you are not sure please select Other and we can obtain more information in due course.

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